Water shortages and contamination of the water table in the gulf region are caused by encroaching salt or waste. Therefore the need for water in the region makes sea water an important resource for domestic water supply, irrigation, landscaping and farming.


Orient Irrigation has created a specialized division, which deals with the treatment and purification of sea and brackish water and has installed many desalination plants that ensure regular and constant water supply to hotels, hospitals and remote communities.


Ecological Control of the Environment


One of Orient Irrigation’s main concerns is the protection and improvement of the environment.


- We therefore co-operate with various international companies to solve environmental and ecological problems that occur under the harsh local conditions.


- We are developing and implementing research programmes to protect and improve the ecology.


- To achieve this goal we examine each problem carefully and appropriate solutions are implemented.


Desalination by Reverse Osmosis


- Desalination plants are custom-designed and assembled by Orient Irrigation.


- The capacities vary: from 7.5 - 3’000 m³ (2000 - 800’000 gallons) per day for both brackish and sea water.